Vision & Mission


  1. DIET will be a equipped Resource Centre and centre of excellence with up to date upgraded ICT facilities for providing all sorts of resources to all Human Resource development agencies by the end of 2019.
  2. Full fledged infrastructure like classrooms, halls, hotels, provision of running water, sanitation,digital library and departmental laboratory etc are to be fulfilled by 2019.
  3. DIET will cover all the untrained teachers of the district through long term and short term teachers training by the end of the 2019.
  4. Teacher will be highly professional in their profession and will be able to discharge their duties with full of understanding,pedagogic knowledge,managerial skills
  5. relating to class room management,school development plan and community mobilization.
  6. Requisite number of skilled youth for the teaching profession will be prepared for entry in to the profession through Pre-Service Teacher Education Courses like D.El.Ed, B.Ed. etc. elementary and Secondary level Schools.
  7. Strong and effective collaborative support system will work between DIET,BTC and SCERT, SSA and RMSA,UNICEF etc. to address various issues related to UEE and USE.
  8. Population education, equity and equality in respect of caste,group,gender etc. in education will be achieved.
  9. Enhancement of quality of learning through research studies and innovative practice will be achieved through the initiation of DIET.
  10. A plenty of reading and learning materials and documentation will be printed for the greater interest of the district.
  11. Curriculum reforms and text book materials preparation will be one of the regular activities in the DIET.
  12. Faculties of DIET will discharge their duties with full of professionalism and conviction. At least one model school to be fixed to each of the DIET faculty.
  13. Vision regarding fulfillment of RTE act – Pedagogic inputs ,role and responsibility of teachers and community and conduct of CCE will be the major area to be emphasized more so that optimum level of school functioning will be acquired.